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Trip Texts (Present) - A personal project that I designed & developed for text messaging flight deals to users based on the preferences they set. Future features based on user feedback include setting a price ceiling, showing previous flight deals, and other small improvements

Technologies Used: Node.js, Express, MongoDB, Javascript, HTML, CSS, Heroku, Git, & Sketch.

JazzHR (Present) - Full-time software engineer with experience in automated testing, full-stack development, and Agile processes.

Technologies Used: AngularJS, PHP, Karma, Behat, PHPUnit, Javascript, HTML, CSS, Github, Git, JIRA & Agile Methodologies

Ignite Bright, LLC (Present) - Recently rebranded to focus on just aerial videography & photography. Previously, projects ranged from WordPress development to custom aerial videography & editing to social media management for a wide-range of clientele.

Technologies Used: Adobe Creative Suite, Sketch, Balsamiq, WordPress, Hootsuite, and more.

Javascript30 (Past) - Got back to basics by participating in a vanilla Javascript programming course where each day was a different task. I spent extra time writing the solutions in ES5 and ES6 format. One project I created an airport status lookup just using the browser's native functionality. You can view that small app here.

Technologies Used: Javascript (ES5 & ES6), HTML, CSS, Github, & Git.

Magic Mirror (Past) - A mashup of hardware & software, this project was forked from Sahat Yalkabov's repository during a company hackathon day. The end result was a modularized smart home mirror. This was interesting from a design perspective because you had to work with what colors would go thru the 1-way film.

Technologies Used: Node.js, Express, MongoDB, Javascript, HTML, CSS, Heroku, & Git