My Quest to Learn German in 10 Days.

I’ve been putting this off for sometime and now I figure that I should buckle down and learn some German so I am not completely lost on my trip to the country.

I originally started Duolingo a long time ago, probably close to when I first booked my ticket to Germany. Sadly, I fell out of touch with using their website until recently when they (finally) launched an Android App. Just today (July 15th), I completed the first 9 skills of the German language. I think the combination of the Android Application and this new report commissioned by the founder of CAPTCHA, Luis von Ahn, kicked me in the butt to get going again.

This report showed that by using Duolingo for only 34 hours, you are at an equivalent Spanish level as one semester of college. One semester of classes for spanish, that’s probably right around 150 hours spent (112.3 outside of class and right around 38 inside of class, using the 3:1 rule). Rosetta Stone users needed about 55 to 60 hours to be at the same proficiency level. That’s amazing.

Perhaps I should start considering spending more time in Germany on my trip to Europe in less than three weeks.

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